Selected Publications



Preview of “The Chuck Berry Tape Massacre” in The Carolina Quarterly

“The Wind, the Wind,” in Signal Mountain Review

“The Apartment Building” in Jellyfish Review

“Rising,” presented as a winner of Sundress Academy for the Arts’s OUTSpoken Contest in Stirring 

“Cultural Reference” in Monkeybicycle

“Lead Paint” in Jenny


an essay of mine appears in Written On the Body: Letters from Trans and Non-Binary Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

“Horace Wilbur’s Paintbrush” appears in Aftermath: Explorations of Grief and Loss


“My Father’s Face” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Hank Williams is Sacred” in Vol. 5 of Memoir Mixtapes

“Why I Moved in with My Best Friend and Her Family” in The Washington Post

“Home in Three Meals” in Cosmonauts Avenue (selected as a finalist for their non-fiction prize)

“How to Disappear” on Longreads

“The Good Things That Came When My Life Collapsed” in The Billfold


“Lost and Found: Alex DiFrancesco on Barbecued Husbands” in Tin House

“Where Transgender People Actually Get Their Clothes” in Pacific Standard

“The Challenges of Being a Transgender Chef” in Eater 

“Writing Trans Characters” in Brevity

“When a Cis Writer Does a Gender Reveal Correctly” in BookRiot

“The Risks of Telling Our Authentic Trans Stories” in The Establishment

“If Caitlyn Jenner Truly Cares About Trans Rights, I Have Some Advice for Her” in The Stir

“Last Exit: Four Readings of Selby’s Georgette” in Brooklyn Magazine


“My Everything, My Bear” on The Heart Podcast

“Truth or Dare” at Live Law Brooklyn