Alex DiFrancesco (formerly Pamela DiFrancesco) has published fiction in The Carolina Quarterly, The New Ohio Review, and Monkeybicycle. Their first novel, The Devils That Have Come to Stay, is an acid western in the vein of Jodorowsky’s El Topo and Jarmusch’s Dead Man, with the dark sensibilities of McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. It was published in 2015 by Medallion Press.

DiFrancesco’s non-fiction has appeared in The Washington Post, Tin House, Longreads, The Mary Sue, Brevity, and Crixeo. Their storytelling has been featured at The Fringe Festival, Life of the Law, The Queens Lit Festival, and The Heart podcast.

They are also a skilled bread baker and pastry cook, a passionate activist and advocate, and have a small, wonderful cat named Sylvia.