Selected Publications


“Tales from Institut für Sexualwissenschaft” in Waxwing

“Hinkypunk” in A Gathering of Tribes

“The Wind, the Wind,” in Signal Mountain Review

“The Apartment Building” in Jellyfish Review

“Rising,” presented as a winner of Sundress Academy for the Arts’s OUTSpoken Contest in Stirring 

“Cultural Reference” in Monkeybicycle

“Lead Paint” in Jenny


It’s here! My first (only?) poetry chapbook, Bird is the Word: The Iggy and Biggy Cycle (a series of poems about Iggy Pop and his cockatoo Biggy Pop)

“Three Prose Poems,” in Beestung


an essay of mine appears in Written On the Body: Letters from Trans and Non-Binary Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

“Horace Wilbur’s Paintbrush” appears in Aftermath: Explorations of Grief and Loss

“Der Ewich Yaeger” appears in Halldark Holidays

“Outpost” appears in Lockdown: Stories of Crime, Terror, and Hope During a Pandemic


“The Color of the Cast,” in The Rumpus

“From New York City to Juarez,” on the Malarkey Books page

“My Father’s Face” in Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Hank Williams is Sacred” in Vol. 5 of Memoir Mixtapes

“Why I Moved in with My Best Friend and Her Family” in The Washington Post

“Home in Three Meals” in Cosmonauts Avenue (selected as a finalist for their non-fiction prize)

“How to Disappear” on Longreads

“The Good Things That Came When My Life Collapsed” in The Billfold


“Stories Spanning Countries and Generations,” in New York Times

“Seven Dark, Monstrous Books by Marginalized Writers,” in Electric Literature 

“Lost and Found: Alex DiFrancesco on Barbecued Husbands” in Tin House

“Where Transgender People Actually Get Their Clothes” in Pacific Standard

“On ‘Art Heroes’ and Letting Your Idols be Human,” in Longreads

“The Challenges of Being a Transgender Chef” in Eater 

“Writing Trans Characters” in Brevity

“When a Cis Writer Does a Gender Reveal Correctly” in BookRiot

“The Risks of Telling Our Authentic Trans Stories” in The Establishment

“If Caitlyn Jenner Truly Cares About Trans Rights, I Have Some Advice for Her” in The Stir

“Last Exit: Four Readings of Selby’s Georgette” in Brooklyn Magazine


“My Everything, My Bear” on The Heart Podcast



“Complicating our Narratives about Addiction and Illness,” an interview with Amy Lorraine Long at The Millions

“Book Interview: James Allen Hall,” on the CSU Poetry Center Blog

“An Interview with Berry Grass,” on the Arizona State Poetry Center Blog

Check out my interview series “We Call Upon the Author to Explain” at The Sundress Blog