All City: A Novel

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“Alex DiFrancesco’s All City walks a razored line between hope and hopelessness, never forgetting that only a few are privileged to have a surfeit of the former. This is a harrowing and powerful love letter to a city on the edge of a slow apocalypse, and to the people that city–and the world–threatens to leave behind as it moves against the rising tide of an uncertain future.” –Indra Das, Author of The Devourers 

“Alex DiFrancesco’s All City provides a vivid, all-too-realistic glimpse into our climate-
change future. Portraying the best and worst of what makes us human, the novel celebrates community-building, survival, and the possibility of hope, while criticizing the institutions that actively work to divide us. It is a rallying cry worth echoing.”
—Ilana Masad, author of All My Mother’s Lovers


“In this warm and lovely novel set in a near-future New York battered by climate change and gentrification, DiFrancesco (Psychopomps) braids together art, power, crisis, and community organizing…this loving, grieving warning thoughtfully traces the resilience, fragility, and joy of precarious communities in an immediate, compassionate voice.”

– Review of All City at Publishers Weekly